Melt Sunglasses Are Bomb!

Yep, you guessed it, I had to cop another pair!!!! Here lately vintage oversized style sunglasses have been my thing and I am so excited to share with you where I got them from. I like to keep it short and simple so without further ado here is the link to the these:¬†Forever 21 Melt Tinted Sunglasses. Annnnnnd they are on sale! Also if you are using the @DoshApp you can also earn cash back…

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Where Did You Get That Sequined Jacket?

On this episode of “Where did you get that,” is another cool piece I scored from Forever 21. I recently posted this jacket on my insta story and I got an overwhelming response as to where it was from. I was purging my closet this past Sunday and I was adding items to my Poshmark¬†page, Tickle Her Fancy. I wasn’t sure about it so I decided to do an Instagram poll to see what my…

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Where Did You Get Those Glasses?

Yesterday (11/08/2017), I celebrated my 33rd Birthday. Headed to a birthday lunch, I snapped a quick stoplight selfie. I was so unsure about these glasses that it took me about a month to wear them. Still unsure about them I shared my birthday selfie with the world via Facebook and Instagram. The response in regards to the glasses was overwhelming. Everyone loved them. So here we are…. I didn’t want to keep where I scored…

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Team: No Bare Ankles

So I recently shared a picture on IG about a new trend that I am crushing on. And that is: Socks & Sandals! This has definitely been one of those trends that crept up on us and now we can't help but to notice it. Continue reading