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I am pleased to announce my complimentary personal shopping services to all of my customers via Nordstrom. Virtual or in store appointments are now available. In store appointments and consultations will be held at Nordstrom NorthPark Center in Dallas, TX.


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Brittany was a tremendous help to me when I desperately needed some expert wardrobe/styling advice. My son had a very important performance event in NYC and we needed some ideas for a look for him. She spent time putting together several looks which she thought might work and then met us to shop for the pieces we needed. She prepared ahead of time by choosing things before we arrived so our decision process was made much easier. She was professional, personable, and made us feel very comfortable.

~Diane and Kyle Cousins


Brittany has done a wonderful job for me and my company! CW Bush and Appointed Productions are just getting the ball rolling and her excellent service and professionalism made us feel like we’ve been in business for years. You know you’ve gotten great service when you feel like you should pay more! I will be using Brittany for my future projects and definitely recommend you do the same.

~ Charles W. Bush



Your service was highly professional and you listened to my concerns and didn’t force something on me that wasn’t working! I will refer all my contacts to you any and every time!


THF 547


I really had a blast working with Brittany Washington! She has an eye for fashion and knows how to take your style to the next level! I am a very eclectic artist and she knew how to relate to my sense of style! Simply Beast! 🙂

~Cy Jackson


THF 036


I had the pleasure of working with Brittany on a project where she required some accessories for an artist that she was styling. I enjoyed the experience b/c Brittany gave me proper notice as well, reassured that everything would be well taken care of. She was definitely a woman of integrity b/c she stood right by what she had stated to me. In addition to that, she even got me more business by way of referrals. I enjoyed that experience and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again in the future.

~ Hector Williams



Shopping with Brittany was such a wonderful experience! I loved everything she picked for me. She was very professional and made my shopping trip a breeze! Thank you Brittany!

~ Ashlee Payne


I highly recommend Brittany as a personal shopper or for any service needs in Nordstrom. All request are answered promptly & professionally. She’s a major part of why I choose Nordstrom over competitors!


~ Shannon Lemons